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"Homeopathy not only alleviates the presenting symptoms, but also re-establishes internal order at the deepest levels and provides a lasting cure."

—George Vithoulkas

The Science of Homeopathy

What to expect...​

Understanding.  If you're accustomed to conventional medicine, treatment with a homeopath will be a remarkable experience.  First, I will conduct an in-depth interview, lasting up to two hours.  This process, called case taking, will record all the physical, mental and emotional characteristics that comprise your unique self and symptom picture.  Then, I will carefully analyze your case to determine the one homeopathic remedy that most closely matches your total picture.  

Healing.  Once you have taken your remedy, you will feel the healing begin almost immediately as it works to stimulate your inner healing mechanism.  The process of healing often begins with an increased sense of well-being and renewed energy.  Homeopathy usually addresses recent symptoms first, followed by older, more underlying symptoms.  As healing continues, you may experience a brief intensification of old symptoms.  This is a positive sign!  It means your body's vital healing force is responding to the energizing signal of the remedy.

Follow up.  As you move through the first few months of healing, we will have shorter monthly appointments called follow-ups, to assess your progress.  After the first three months, you will need less frequent follow-ups (once every 3-6 months) because your body will become increasing able to maintain a strong and healthy balance on its own.  

Progress.  Your overall progress depends on your level of vitality, the type and depth of your condition, and your own commitment to treatment.  Acute or recent conditions respond swiftly.  Healing long-term or chronic conditions is a more gradual process.  Rule of thumb—the longer you have been out of balance, the longer the healing process takes.  A rough estimate is about one month to each year you have been experiencing symptoms.

Effectiveness.  Homeopaths have high expectations for healing.  We generally do not consider treatment effective unless you are at least 50%—but usually 80% or more—improved, and this improvement lasts a year or more.  Through your follow-up appointments, I keep a careful record of your case and and how you are responding to treatment.  This is how we achieve a lasting cure.

How does it work?


Energy-based.  Like our whole world, homeopathy is energy-based. Electromagnetic energy is the natural driving force of the universe, and yet, we are only beginning to understand how it works.  Even commonly used forms of energy like electricity and radiation are not yet fully comprehended.  Nonetheless, they are used effectively every day.

Physics.  Homeopathy's effectiveness lies in the domain of quantum physics and the emerging field of energy medicine.  Nobel Prize-winning physicists are researching how the homeopathic potentization process magnifies and preserves the energetic pattern of a remedy's original substance.  They know these patterns are stored in the crystalline structure of the water used in the potentization process, but they are still investigating the exact nature of this occurrence.  This  uncertainty has caused skepticism and prejudice about homeopathy in some circles, especially in the field of chemical medicine.

Evidence.  This skepticism goes against the growing tide of evidence by distinguished nano- and bio-physicists whose studies show that an electro-magnetic "fingerprint" of the original substance becomes etched in the remedy's water molecules during the succussion process (see "Principles" for more information on potentization and succussion).

Mounting evidence indicates that each homeopathic remedy conveys an unique energetic signal to the body's energetic vital force.  When the remedy's signal matches the specific energetic pattern of an illness or imbalance within the person, it stimulates their body's natural healing response to that illness.

"Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment."

                —Mahatma Gandhi

What about my MD?


Complementary.  Homeopathy is complementary to conventional health care and works in well in conjunction with traditional treatment.  Although our approach is different, our ultimate goal is the same—your maximum health.  

Work together.  While pursuing homeopathic treatment, you should continue to maintain a relationship with your medical doctor for routine check ups and emergency situations. Always consult an MD for the physical diagnosis of any condition you are concerned about, routine exams, and emergencies or traumas requiring x-rays or surgery.

Easy transition. If you are new to homeopathy, you are transitioning between the familiar and a new world. Some people want to straddle both, keeping one foot in the conventional medical camp while testing the homeopathic waters with the other.  That's fine!  Homeopathy still works wonders in conjunction with traditional treatment, and also with other approaches like chiropractic, acupuncture, physical or psychological therapy, massage, etc.  

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