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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn.” 

—Ben Franklin

The art of mentorship...


Supervising cases and mentoring new and student homeopaths toward CHC certification is a part of my work that I greatly enjoy.  Because homeopathy is as much an art as a science, often the greatest learning comes through doing.  However, beginning homeopaths need guidance along the way to be coached on how it is done in the real world.  Most students have great ability and potential, but haven't had enough experience to feel confident in their skills.


As an experienced practitioner, teacher and CHC-approved mentor in homeopathy, I gently coach my "mentees" to discover what they already know within themselves but may not yet trust.  Through a combination of email correspondence, phone conversations or in-person meetings, you will find yourself able to work through cases on an increasingly consistent basis, discovering your own strengths and abilities in case taking, analysis and remedy selection.  Through the mentoring process you will learn to correctly identify themes, distinguish kingdoms, as well as feel assurance in your remedy and potency selection.  The mentoring process is an unfolding that results in your increased confidence and/or CHC certification.

The mentoring process...


Typically, it works like this:  you take a case, do an analysis, repertorize the case, narrow down your remedy options to three (or so) good possibilities, do a brief differential on each potential remedy, and then make a recommendation for the best remedy/potency for that case, along with the reasoning behind your recommendation.  


You send all of this information by email so I can see your process and make helpful written suggestions about your overall approach as well as your final remedy/potency selection.  In my response, I will include observations and recommendations about your case taking, approach to analysis, identification of themes, choice of rubrics and remedy/potency selection and then send it back to you for your consideration or reworking, if needed.  

Depending on your needs, I may also include my own thematic analysis and repertorization of the case for comparison, to illustrate alternate rubrics or offer my thoughts on remedy and potency, along with clarifying my approach or conclusions.  I also include relevant information from homeopathic literature, and recommend additional sources for exploration to shed more light on the case or potential remedies.

What to expect...


On average, I respond to your cases within 3-5 business days so the information and experience is still fresh.  Once I receive your case, I will estimate my response time based on my actual schedule so you know when to expect my response.  Sometimes, it may be longer, but I will always inform you if my response will be delayed.

My charges for an intake case are in the range of $75 -$150, depending on the amount of time and energy spent in helping you achieve an excellent outcome for that patient.   I spend at least 2 hours on each case, but often more like 4, depending on what’s necessary to illustrate the important aspects of that case and help you gain the greatest learning experience.

My charges for follow-ups range from $25 - $60, depending on the progress of the case and your understanding of it, and how much time and energy is needed to help you work with it at that stage.  Most follow-ups are in the $25 - $35 range, because the patient and the student are usually doing well!  To meet CHC requirements, each case should have 2 follow-ups.

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