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Homeopathy is a powerful method of stimulating the body's own healing forces to cure disease. It is a holistic, non-toxic and affordable approach to health care that can help or heal almost any condition.

Popular.  Homeopathy is the second most widely used modality of primary healthcare in the world, treating over 500 million people annually and increasing exponentially. (World Health Organization, 2010)​  Based on a few simple but profound natural laws such as like cures like and less is more, it works in harmony with the natural healing force within each of us.  Homeopathy is a holistic, non-toxic and low cost health care approach that can have a preventive, therapeutic or curative effect on almost any mental, emotional or physical health condition you may be experiencing.​​​​ 

Holistic.  A holistic approach sees illness as an imbalance in your energetic being and your symptoms as the outward signs of this deeper imbalance.  Your total symptom picture—mental, emotional and physical—provides the clues needed to identify the one homeopathic remedy that will cure you comprehensively.  Homeopathy treats you as a whole person, not a disease.  It works to stimulate and strengthen your natural inner healing force into healthy and harmonious balance.


is more than simply the absence of disease. Defining health only as a lack of disease implies that eliminating disease will fully restore health. That is like assuming you are financially secure as long as you are not in debt. Lack of debt only provides relief, not security. True health is like being rich—it provides a wealth of dynamic freedom at all levels of being!


Sure, homeopathy works great for treating acute conditions like colds, the flu, or contagious diseases, but ​it truly excels in treating mental and emotional disorders, serious chronic diseases, and "undiagnosable" or "incurable" conditions.  And, it is complementary to other modalities like psychotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and conventional medicine.

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