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Bara Waters D.Hom MSW


Your healing will begin with an increased sense of well being and renewed energy. Homeopathy heals holistically at the deepest levels by stimulating your own inner healing power to create harmonious and healthy balance. 

It excels in treating "undiagnosable" disorders and deep chronic conditions like anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, migraine, stress-related illnesses, etc.  Click below to find out how it can help you.


If you're like most people, once you experience homeopathy you'll want to know more about it.  I am dedicated to empowering people to understand and use homeopathy effectively. 

I offer a variety of recorded webinars for the lay person, students of homeopathy and experienced practitioners.  Click below to access more information about these interesting and informative educational opportunities.


"It's a true miracle!"

"It's a true miracle!  I'm a new woman.  My moods have evened out—no more roller coasters.  I'm sleeping really well, and the night sweats are gone.  I wake up eager to face the day.  And not a hint of a sinus headache or allergic reaction.  The best thing, I can eat again with no payback.  Homeopathy has given me my life back!"

                               —Brenda M., patient

"Talent for teaching..."

"I have so enjoyed your classes and webinars.  You have a special talent for teaching and finding relevance in every topic and question.  You have a wonderful way of connecting with students and sharing your successes as well as your struggles in homeopathy."

                                       —Kelly T., student


Students of homeopathy are a vital part of the renaissance of homeopathy in the US.  As the demand for holistic treatment grows exponentially over the next decades, students need guidance from experienced homeopaths to deepen their knowledge and skills and gain certification.

Mentoring toward CHC certification is one of the most important and rewarding things I do.  Click below for assistance in building your confidence and practice.

"I've come so far..."

"With your mentorship, I've come so far and had so many successful experiences in treating patients with homeopathy.  Thank you so much for your kind words and help with my cases. You can't imagine how far your thoughtful insights have brought me!"

                        —Lu H., new homeopath

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